50 Years Wedding Anniversary with the Martins in Lekki

What can one say about a couple who celebrate their 50th year of wedded bliss except that their commitment to each other is a source of inspiration to married couples everywhere. Being a newly-wed myself, I had to ask what their secret was. The answer? "Love, Patience and Prayer".
Words of wisdom from those who know. Don't say I never share anything 😉
Grandma&Grandpa50th 25vintage
Grandma&Grandpa50th 1
Grandma&Grandpa50th 13
Grandma&Grandpa50th 48
Grandma&Grandpa50th 45
Grandma&Grandpa50th 43edt
Grandma&Grandpa50th 42
Grandma&Grandpa50th 39
Grandma&Grandpa50th 38
Grandma&Grandpa50th 21
Grandma&Grandpa50th 19
Grandma&Grandpa50th 17
Grandma&Grandpa50th 15
Grandma&Grandpa50th 14
Grandma&Grandpa50th 9
Grandma&Grandpa50th 8
Grandma&Grandpa50th 7
Grandma&Grandpa50th 6
Grandma&Grandpa50th 5
Grandma&Grandpa50th 3colour
Grandma&Grandpa50th 25edt

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