Commercial: Beads of Arcadia Shoot

So I thought I would show something a little different this time. A friend of mine launched her jewellery business in Lagos late last year and as my contribution to the cause, I offered to shoot a range of her products to be used as advertising for the "grand opening" of her store.
It's a fabulous line called "Beads of Arcadia" and it includes coral, pearls, gold, beads and so on. I don't wear jewellery myself but I couldn't help eyeing a couple of the fabulously ornate pieces. It's the girl in me, what can I say? 🙂
A selection of the shots are shown enjoy....
Beads of Arcadia10
Beads of Arcadia14
Beads of Arcadia13
Beads of Arcadia12
Beads of Arcadia11
Beads of Arcadia9
Beads of Arcadia8
Beads of Arcadia7
Beads of Arcadia6
Beads of Arcadia5
Beads of Arcadia4
Beads of Arcadia3
Beads of Arcadia2
Beads of Arcadia1
Beads of Arcadia15

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