Wicked Wildlife & Wonderful Weekends!

March 12, 2010

Woohoo - the weekend is almost here - I cannot tell how GLAD I am to see it. It's been such a long week!

So to welcome in the weekend - I hereby present that which is closest to my heart.....zee Wildlife of Lion Park....enjoy!!!

p.s: as usual, the piccies can be found on my Flickr or Facebook .


Not Today Mister!!!
Lonesome Lion Cub 
 Get Me Outta Here!
(These 3 week old lion cubs were just too cute! Sadly, we weren't able to play with them cz they hadn't had their vaccinations yet. But watching their antics was just as much fun.)  

You're It!! 

Na-ah - You're It!!
Ok, Maybe We Should Call A Truce! 
Lion King

Let's Get It On!

The Brothers
The Brothers II
Cheetah in Solitude
Hmm, Tastes Like Straw!
Here's Looking At You Kid
Lion on a Rock (geddit?!?)
Lion in the Sun (u gotta get it this time!)

Lion on a Rock II
Lone Tree
Lone Tree II
Proud Lioness
Prowling Lioness
Yes - They Are As Sharp As They Look!
Springbok in the Wind
Springbok in the Wind II
(I love this little guy's face - I never seen a dopier looking lil big cat)
Dopey in Colour
I'm Not Gonna Eat You (Right Now)!!! 
What U Looking At
Prowling Lion Cub 
Enjoying the Sun
Mother + Son
Lioness in Contemplation 
Red Fox
Pretty Lil Lady
(She's no lion cub but she's just as cute, ok, she's cuter 🙂
Mama + her Baby
(One day I'll have a couple of my own!)
And Then He Bit Me!
(Yes those teeth are as sharp as they look and yes that is my thigh they are piercing like butter but my story is "I got bitten by a Lion and I survived"! Oh yeah!)
This is SPARTA! The End!!!

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