Just another happy Monday & Big Cats!

So today was a good day - nothing special happened but for some reason, I was happy all day long and I must say I liked it...
So in honour of my contentment and general feeling good albeit a lil sleepy, I thought I would start on my fav subject of all - WILDLIFE!!! Woohoo!
Now I love animals (except crocodiles and sharks cz they are evil - fact!!!), I am fascinated by the way they look and the way they move and my absolute favourites are the Big Cats - I could watch these majestic, immensely powerful beasts all day long. One of my favourite fantasies when I was growing up was to be able to play with a lion or tiger just like a picture I saw in my children's Bible or it might have been Mowgli... 🙂
And the greatest of all big cats, in my humble opinion, is the phenomenal Tiger - power, beauty and strength all in one beautifully striped package. I adore these animals and it would be a dream come true to be able to raise tiger cubs, although I'm not sure what I would do when they became big enough to eat me but it's a work in progress... 🙂
Anyway, you may know that I was in SA a while back and one of the reasons I love the country so much was because I got to achieve some of my lifelong dreams (yes i said lifelong!) over there including playing with lion cubs at my favourite spot, Lion Park (a must visit for EVERYONE who goes to Joburg) and playing with my aforementioned adored Tiger cubs at Cango Wildlife Ranch . There's also getting bitten by the the lil cuties but that story is for another day....
Ironically I havent gotten round to sorting out my beloved big cats pics yet, so here are some teasers for the weeks to come.
Have a fantabulous week and remember, there's nothing that you are going through that the good Lord can't help you with. Just hand over that burden, it's scary but it'll be ok.
Nyt nyt
Springbok in the wind - I adore this shot, 'nuff said! 
Springbok in the wind
Heading home - I thought this was too cute, it's like daddy is taking the kiddies home.
3 elephants heading home
Lion cub -such beautiful eyes
Lion cub

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  1. Thanks - I love these cats and could watch them for hours. There'll be lots more to come, so do keep checking back in. 🙂

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