Valentine's Day & South India

February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day everybody...hope you are having a fab day with your loved one(s) ūüôā

So finally, at last, here are the long promised South India a lil bit of background - I went to India with some fab friends in 2006 and we did a 10 day road trip around South India including Bangalore, Ooty, Munnar and Kerala amongst other places.

It was an amazing experience - India is such a beautiful, vibrant country and the people are incredibly friendly - can't wait to go back and do North India.

This trip was actually the reason I bought my first DSLR cz I used over 13 rolls of film on this trip, which proved to be a tad expensive. So a couple of months later, I bought my beloved Canon EOS 350D with my first ever bonus, which I still have today. I am hoping to upgrade to a Canon 5D MK II but that's gonna take some serious kudos, so still then my trusty 350D will have to do.

Here are some of my fav pics, the rest can be found on flickr photostream.

Lil bridesmaids

Asti on a Beach
Lil bridesmaids (B+W)
Asti on a Beach (B+W)
Boy in the park
Eyes to Heaven
Wani's Feet
Flights of Fancy
Lil girl with puppy
Hills of Munnar
Indian temple
Light in the distance
Lil bridesmaids II
Toda in his home
Toda with the sad eyes
Traditional indian dancer

And a special shout-out to Jothi and Tina, who were the reason we were in the India in the first place.

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