Eureka - Vintage effect!!!


Ok - first of all, yes, I am still working on the india pics - I won't bore you with the details but let's just say I think I have found one question that google can't answer, so I am moving very slowly with photoshop when I could be racing by with elements < sigh >

In the meantime, one of the treatments I have discovered that I adore is the vintage effect and some of the people who really use it to great effect are some of new favourites  - heather evan smith ( and ellen moss ( .....check 'em out...they have gorgeous work.

So I have been experimenting and I finally ended up with something I like - it's all a work in progress though, so let me know what you think. oh and the gorgeous model would be my lil sis hangin out on a beach in Hawaii (good times good times) 🙂

p.s: it's almost valentine's day - hope u r making plans for you and ur special someone (this is mostly aimed at my beloved husband, hint hint 😉

8 10 2006 08
Temi vintage+

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