Nigeria Photographer || Why I'm Thankful in 2010

Phew, it's finally the end of the year and while it's been a hectic one - it's been an amazing one with so much to be thankful here is my top 10 list (in no particular order):

1. Marriage / Partnership! I celebrated my 1 year wedding anniversary this year and although it isn't always smooth sailing, I thank God for the gift of love and partnership and my husband for being my partner, my supporter and my friend. 
2. Family! There's nothing more important to me than family and I thank God for every opportunity we get to spend all together as this occurs less frequently the older we get. 

3. Babies! Quite a few little angels were born this year and a couple more are expected in early 2011. I love being an auntie - I get to enjoy the cuteness but can always return them back to their parents once it's time for the diaper change (just kidding, kinda!). Can't wait to meet all the new bambinos soon.

4. Weddings & Engagements! A number of my nearest and dearest got engaged and / or tied the knot this year and a few more will be getting married next year. I am so happy for you all and I do wish you and your chosen partners all the happiness in the world. Love you lots - mwah! 

5. Health! We only miss this once we don't have it and I just want to thank God for battles fought and won this year.  

6. Holidays! There's so much of the world out there to explore and I find this is a lifeline to retaining one's sanity (and health) in this crazy world. Highly recommended!!!

7. Photography! Oh this could be a long one - let's just say I finally unleashed my passion and it feels real good! 🙂 

8. Charity! I came up with an idea after my midday nap (also highly recommended) and nurtured it all the way to execution with lots of support from so many people, I can't mention them all here. I am yet to share the images from the Makoko Christmas party but in the meantime, just wanted to say a big thanks to everyone who contributed timewise and / or financially. May God bless you for your generosity now and always. 

9. Help! I finally learned how to ask for it and well, let's just say I'll be doing it more often because it actually makes life a lot easier and you'll be surprised at how generous people can be with both their time and knowledge if you just ask. 

10. You! My friends, my family, my clients, my fans, my supporters - it's your kind words and encouragement that keeps me going when I want to quit, give up or run away. I really can't thank you enough - so just sending lots of love, hugs, kisses and prayers your way. MWAH!!! 

So in this final post of the year, I would like to wish everyone a very happy new year and I do hope and pray that 2011 will be filled with innumerable blessings and that which your heart most desires. I hope you have a fantastic new year's eve and day whatever you have planned. 

There are lots of new and exciting things planned for Wani Olatunde Photography in 2011 and I am very much looking forward to seeing, speaking to and sharing all this with you in the new year. 


All the best 

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