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I confess, I was never a believer in love at first sight but then a 50cm, 4kg (that's almost 9lbs to you americans) bundle of joy came into my life and with one look, I was deeply, unconditionally and irrevocably in love. I joined the ranks of motherhood in August 2011 and I can honestly say it is the most amazing thing to ever happen to me. I'll be honest, it was all pretty exhausting in the beginning and I have a new found respect for parents and especially anyone with more than one kid (how do you do it?!?). But with support from my family and friends (my husband and mother were particularly A-MAZING), I think I've finally found my yummy mummy groove. Everytime I think or look at my son (I do love saying "my son"), my heart fills with so much love, it truly feels like my cup runneth over. It's amazing to me that one little person who I'm still not convinced knows that I'm "mummy" can completely change my priorities and general perspective on life. So as an extremely proud, truly blessed new parent, I thought, what better to start off my blogging again than to introduce you to the one who's kept me away for so long. So, drumrolls Eli 🙂
p.s: Quick background on the shoot - we were in Ghana over the new year and the hotel room had some great big windows - I couldn't let all that fabulous natural light go to waste, so grabbed Eli for a quick 10 minute shoot before we checked out. This is actually the first shoot I had done in over a year - so glad to see I'm not too rusty 🙂

Have a blessed week

Wani+Olatunde+Photography Child 1
Wani+Olatunde+Photography Child 1 17
Wani+Olatunde+Photography Child 1 16
Wani+Olatunde+Photography Child 1 3
Wani+Olatunde+Photography Child 1 2

Wani+Olatunde+Photography Child 1 6

Wani+Olatunde+Photography Child 1 10
Wani+Olatunde+Photography Child 1 11
Wani+Olatunde+Photography Child 1 12


Wani+Olatunde+Photography Child 1 14
Wani+Olatunde+Photography Child 1 19
My Men - ahh! 🙂
Wani+Olatunde+Photography Child 1 20


27 comments on “Nigeria Photographer || Love at first sight”

  1. Yes Yes Yes!!! Beautiful just looking at him makes me smile.... you are VERY talented!!! Glad to have you back we have all been waiting and have missed you. x x x

  2. He's got a smile that melts the heart..I was just thinking some days ago where is Wani? what happened to her blog...didnt know this cute bundle of joy hooked up with you. Congrats!!!! to your family !!

    1. Thanks Tooki - I think that smile of his is going to get him out of a lot of trouble. I've missed posting and sharing and am tres tres glad to be back 🙂

  3. Eli is so beautiful, Gosh. WElcome to motherhood and indeed, its the best thing in life, giving live to another. had my second son in June and though its my 2nd its still so breath taking. Am thrilled at being a mum and cant stop praising God for these gifts of love He has given to my family. COngrats once more Wani!-CLARA

    1. Thanks Clara...congrats on your lil boy too - just a couple of months older than Eli. It is definitely an amazing process and we have to thank God for the ability to be able carry life and give birth to these wonderful children. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  4. What can we say, talent, beauty and brains - you are truly blessed. You are an amazing photographer and I trust that you will expand beyond your wildest imagination. You really have a gift. Welcome back. You do know you are booked for May 19th.

    1. Thank you thank you...from your lips to God's ears. Ahh - don't worryl, I will have my trusty camera with me - don't you worry 🙂

  5. Here's to my ridiculously talented sis, her amazing husband and their BEAUTIFUL baby boy. Welcome back Wani Olatunde Olajiga, it's great to see that even after a whole year you are still able to capture the magic through the lens! Love you and can't wait for the next one.

  6. Gorgeous! Absolutely beautiful (my husband moans at me if I say my son is beautiful, got to say handsome) But truly you have such a handsome child! And such a beautiful name, it was on my list too!

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