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"Hi Wani - I'd like you to meet my friend Folarin - he's also a photographer" 
"Hi Folarin" 
"Hi a couple of friends and I are starting a 52 week photography project and we are going to take a picture every week..."
<...before he can finish his sentence...> "Sounds fab - I have to join you guys"
And that was pretty much how I invited myself into the "Committed 52" photography group. After a year of not shooting, I was keen to make up for lost time and this group has been just what the doctor ordered. The basic idea is that we have 52 topics for each week of the year and then each week we have to take a picture to represent our selected topic. We can use any form of technology we want to take the picture i.e. dslrs / point & shoot / iphones / ipads / blackberrys etc. but the main idea is to post our "best" image each week. 
I must confess, when I first signed up for this, I thought I could use any picture as long as it was on topic, so my plan was to pretty much just dig into my archives and post an image a week - piece of cake. When I found out we had to take an image every week to meet the brief, I almost backed out as I didn't think it would be possible given all my commitments. However, I didn't back out and that was the right decision as I feel like this process has really helped me grow as a photographer. I find myself constantly looking for subjects to meet my briefs, which means I am constantly composing images mentally as well as snapping away with my phones. Highly recommended for any photog who feels like they are in a rut.  
Here's one of my favourite images from the series so far, you can check out the others on my facebook page right here. Would definitely love to hear what you think so feel free to drop me a comment here or on facebook. Cheers.
Have a wonderful week everyone. 
The Dark Side of Sophie (Topic: Toy, Week 13) 
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4 comments on “Nigeria Lifestyle Photographer || My 52 Week Project”

  1. This is a challenge, for sure, but I think it'll be worth all the trouble. Plus, you'll probably expand the range of subjects you want to experiment with. Either way, I like Sophie's dark side. I wouldn't have minded seeing her head though 🙂

    1. *gasps* Is that Sophie's real face? She looks just as surprised to see me as I am to see her ... Hehehe. Thanks for the link. I can see her "Before" shots and compare with her "After" shots. The dark side one is more "artsy."

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