Nigeria Baby Photographer || Eli in Akure


Happy Easter everyone - hope you've all had a wonderful holiday with your loved ones. We went to the "country" aka Akure in Ondo State to visit family. It was a quiet one and was great for me as I got to spend a lot of real quality time with my little man with no work, tv or internet to distract me. It actually made me realise how often I multi-task when I spend time with him in the evenings after work or at the weekend - so that's something I definitely need to fix going forward. Anyway, as usual, I grabbed the chance at a quick photoshoot with him given all the space and greenery outside and I couldn't resist sharing a sneak peek. He's grown so much since our last shoot (see here) and I'm really enjoying watching him go through new experiences everyday. Will post the whole session soon but here are two of my favourite for now.

Have a blessed week.
Nigeria+baby+Photographer+Wani 019
Nigeria+baby+Photographer+Wani 023

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    1. He is definitely used to the camera and I'm pretty sure his first words are going to be "no more piccies mummy" but he's too cute not to shoot. I am slowly building a collection for him - I personally love them but he's not so crazy about them - lol

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