It's Here it's Here!!


So my mum arrived today and as usual she came bearing gifts...not only did my fabulous new gear arrive (can you say EXCITED!!!) but helloooooooo - the April issue of Photography Monthly did too and as i tore open the plastic wrapping frantically whipping through the pages to find "Funny girl" - there was a moment of doubt.....maybe they changed their mind / maybe I wasn't good enough / don't get your hopes up...but that was all unnecessary because BOO-YAOH!!! Here's "Funny Girl" as happy as ever in the pages of the very first photography magazine I ever bought!! I am honoured, joyful and truly grateful for God's awesome blessings.

Today, it's one picture...tomorrow, it's a couple of pages, the next day - the WORLD!!!! So watch this space!!!


Oh p.s: my cousin, the fabulous Dr Olatunde (for a little while longer) is getting married this looking forward to rocking and taking some fab pictures with my equally fab gear.

Nyt nyt.


7 comments on “It's Here it's Here!!”

  1. Congrats My Dear,
    Always had complete faith in your abilities... you do take great pictures. Go take on the world!!!! Auntie Eliana

  2. Congrats Wani nice pic,, now i am inspired to take my Nikon D60 out of its bag for the first time for months 🙂

  3. Hey well done! We need more funny girls for the world to see thru your inspiring lens.

    Well I think we successfully rocked last weekend. Many thanks for your support.

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