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Woohoo - the weekend is almost here...hee hee, i knew that would cheer you up. 🙂

So I have finally started a fan page on facebook as another platform to share my work, so please click here to become a fan and show your support (or search for "Wani Olatunde Photography" in facebook). Don't forget to tell your friends. 🙂

Also - I have a bit of dilemma and need your input you wonderful people...I'm trying to decide on a name for my future business and have narrowed it down to "Wani Olatunde Photography" or "Photography by Wani". I would love to hear what you think, so please drop me a comment either on the blog or on facebook to help me decide. Please, pretty please with sugar on top 🙂

Aah and before I sign off, here's a teaser pic from my cousin Bola's wedding in Akure - will be posting the rest in a couple of weeks. Don't they make a beautifiul couple?!? Sigh, I love weddings.

Nyt nyt!  

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3 comments on “Become my Facebook Fan”

  1. A fan always and forever - by the way - to fulfil all righteousness I will prefer Photography by Wani

  2. Hey Wani - how's it going, I hope you're settled into married life now. Just been on your photography page and wanted to say Wow! thats a real talent you've got keep it up - there are some really gorgeous pictures there.

    Take care

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