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Wow, so I'm still in shock that 2013 is over and we are practically halfway through February already. This post has been way overdue but my (2014) philosophy is better late than never! 🙂

So 2013 was my first full year of business and gosh, it was a hectic one - so much to learn not just on the photography side but primarily on the business side (who knew?!?!). However, all things said and done, it was a great year: I achieved a number of my key goals including meeting my target number of weddings and establishing myself in the local wedding industry amongst other things. I worked with some really fantastic couples and was fortunate enough to shoot weddings in 3 different countries including the UK and Zimbabwe. I am particularly proud of planning and shooting my first styled shoot, which got a fantastic response from the general public (yay!!!) and landed me my first feature on Bella Naija Weddings (double yay!!!). I worked with lots of great vendors and had my work featured on wedding blogs across Nigeria, the US and the UK, which was pretty cool. All in all, I grew as both an artist and solopreneur and I definitely feel like I started as I mean to continue, which is a great feeling.

Needless to say, none of the above would be possible without all of you - my family, my friends, my clients, my fans, my colleagues and everyone else who has encouraged and supported me over the year. Your kind words and encouragement keeps me going and I really can't thank you enough for all your support. I feel like the community is really growing and burgeoning with some amazing talent and I hope to be able to contribute to educating and growing that talent this year by knowledge sharing through my blog so I'll definitely keep you posted.

I have got some awesome things happening in 2014 both personally and professionally starting with turning the big 3-0 a few weeks ago, which was a fab start to the year. In the meantime, I wanted to share some of my favourite wedding and portrait images from 2013. Enjoy! 

I pray your 2014 is filled with an abundance of blessings and that which your heart most desires. Here's to 2014 to being the best one yet! 


lagos wedding photography_0066
lagos wedding photography_0012
lagos wedding photography_0037
lagos wedding photography_0059
lagos wedding photography_0051
lagos wedding photography_0067
lagos wedding photography_0017
lagos wedding photography_0064
lagos wedding photography_0044
lagos wedding photography_0038
lagos wedding photography_0034
lagos wedding photography_0013
lagos wedding photography_0068
lagos wedding photography_0069
lagos wedding photography_0029
lagos wedding photography_0020
lagos wedding photography_0035
lagos wedding photography_0065
lagos wedding photography_0021
lagos wedding photography_0039
lagos wedding photography_0045
lagos wedding photography_0022
lagos wedding photography_0041
lagos wedding photography_0004
lagos wedding photography_0046
lagos wedding photography_0014
lagos wedding photography_0007
lagos wedding photography_0047
lagos wedding photography_0015
lagos wedding photography_0071
lagos wedding photography_0023
lagos wedding photography_0016
lagos wedding photography_0061
lagos wedding photography_0005
lagos wedding photography_0024
lagos wedding photography_0018
lagos wedding photography_0048
lagos wedding photography_0033
lagos wedding photography_0001
lagos wedding photography_0053
lagos wedding photography_0036
lagos wedding photography_0062
lagos wedding photography_0002
lagos wedding photography_0030
lagos wedding photography_0070
lagos wedding photography_0027
lagos wedding photography_0003
lagos wedding photography_0040
lagos wedding photography_0031
lagos wedding photography_0025
lagos wedding photography_0052
lagos wedding photography_0032
lagos wedding photography_0054
lagos wedding photography_0019

lagos wedding photography_0009

lagos wedding photography_0058

lagos wedding photography_0055lagos wedding photography_0056lagos wedding photography_0057

lagos wedding photography_0010

lagos wedding photography_0060

lagos wedding photography_0011

lagos wedding photography_0072

lagos wedding photography_0016lagos wedding photography_0017lagos wedding photography_0018lagos wedding photography_0021lagos wedding photography_0022lagos wedding photography_0023lagos wedding photography_0024

lagos wedding photography_0049

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  1. Congratulations on your first year darling and here is wishing you a fantastic 2014. You are amazing and may the Lord continue to bless the work of your hands. X

  2. what an incredible year. really. you should be insanely proud of yourself! been following you for most of 2013, and i never realized it was your first year. YOU are awesome!!! and it's no wonder you've had such success - your images are so, so beautiful. just love it. hope next year is just as great for you!!!

  3. Wow looks like you had an incredible 2013!!! Congratulations on an awesome year! And o my gosh some of the wedding gowns you got to work with!!! STUNNING!

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