Sneak Peek At My Packaging (and Why Wednesdays Are So Awesome)

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Happy Wednesday. It's my second favourite day of the week because I can begin the countdown to the weekend (yay!). Of course being a wedding photographer in Nigeria now means that I work on Saturdays but the great thing about being passionate and loving what you do is that it never feels like work - so I still love Wednesdays (double yay!).

Ok, after that little random aside, I wanted to give you a sneak peek at my packaging. If you have been following me for a while now, you will have seen my style and my brand evolve over the years and I am very excited about my new packaging. I take just as much care over my products and packaging as I do over your images because I know how important and precious your wedding images are to you and I want it to feel like Christmas all over again when you get to see your album for the first time. I mean who doesn't love Christmas or presents?!? 🙂

So you may recognise this lovely couple from a recent blog post of their beautiful wedding day and I was really glad that they chose to go with this gorgeous luxury wedding album because it's such a fantastic platform to tell and celebrate your wedding day love story - seriously, trust me, you will LOVE it! Vivian was delighted with her album and you can check out below what she had to say on my facebook page:

nigeria wedding photography

So if you are engaged or about to be engaged and are interested in working with me, then drop me a mail at or via the contact form at the top of the website. While you are at it, why don't you join in my giveaway to win a free shoot (that's only if you don't mind paying NOTHING for a shoot valued at NGN100k) and of course, come join the WOP rockstars on my facebook page - where we can chat about all things wedding and photography as well as lots of random things - lol. I'll be expecting you. 🙂

Ciao bellas

The Fabulous Flush Mount Album - I love the versatility of this album plus the cover can be customised in a myriad of ways to create a product that is uniquely you!

nigeria wedding photographer 0042

I keep my album design simple and clean because I believe it is important that the album is a timeless heirloom and doesn't look dated when you are sharing it with your children in 10,20 years time. So no weird background pictures or fonts or text for my stylish and discerning clients!

nigeria wedding photographer 0043nigeria wedding photographer 0044

Personalised DVD folio for the slideshow and those cute mini books, which make a nice pressie for family and friends.

nigeria wedding photographer 0045

I love my new customised WOP USBs! These make it so much easier to share and upload images. It's fantastic! No more ugly blank CDs for my fabulous clients - no siree!

nigeria wedding photographer 0046

Aah, zee pièce de résistance, my fabulous, fabulous packaging. I spent a lot of time deciding how best to present my work and I really love what I came up with. All part of the WOP experience and I love it - more importantly, so do my clients!

nigeria wedding photographer 0047nigeria wedding photographer 0048

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  1. I expected to see photo albums, but CDs and jump drives too? Serious packaging! The colors are the same as the theme colors for your blog and website. Nice!

    1. Aaw - thanks for noticing Sharon. Trying to create a cohesive feel and experience for my clients cause they are so awesome. Thanks dor stopping by - definitely appreciate it.


  2. Hi Wani, Who handles your packaging........gotta get me clients on that awesomeness! Link me up pls.

  3. Great concept and packaging. Really looking forward to being able to make use of these services.

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