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Wedding Cake!!! Who doesn't love Wedding Cake?

And can we get an Amen that we have finally moved away from the "wedding cake can only be fruitcake" trend! I mean who actually wants fruitcake when you can have chocolate, white chocolate ganache, lemon, red velvet, caramel, carrot or oreo cake?!? Sigh - I do love cake so! 🙂 #lifeisalwaysbetterwithcake #saynotofruitcake

The perfect wedding cake not only tastes good but it looks fantastic - a focal point of the stage that beautifully complements the decor of the day. And no one does it better than my personal favourite, Olivia Okeke of renowned cake and dessert company Livvy's Twist.

Olivia aka Queen Sugar is known for her simple and elegant cakes that often look too good to eat but I assure you taste as good as they look (call it research!). 😉 It's not hard to spot a Livvy's Twist cake and in a few short years, Olivia has taken her place as one of the top cake designers in the Nigerian wedding market. #talentedcreatives #ladybosses #tastemakers #winning

Enjoy! 🙂  


Livvy's Twist Wedding Cakes Wani Olatunde  

How long have you been in business?

I have been in business for 3 years and a bit.  

What got you interested in designing wedding cakes?

Honestly, I never thought I could design a cake till I actually started attempting to use the tools I had been stocking up.

I started designing wedding cakes because I got a lot of requests from clients and once I got the hang of the first one, I got hungry for more. The clean and elegant looking ones! 😉  

Livvy's Twist Wedding Cakes Wani Olatunde  

What sets you apart from other cake designers in the wedding industry?

People say they can spot my cake anywhere they see it . That’s something ‘huh’!

We try to tailor each couple’s cake according to what they like without having to replicate another vendor’s custom cakes. This way it’s indeed a special piece in the entire ceremony.  

What should a bride and groom look for and consider at a tasting before deciding on a cake or cake designer?

When choosing a cake vendor, the couple should make sure they are getting their money's worth - consider the taste, look and quality of the cake. All these factors are important.  

Livvy's Twist Wedding Cakes Wani Olatunde  

Who are your favourite type of clients to work with? 

I love working with clients that can express what they like and let us do our thing because I am a creative with a blank canvas.

On that blank canvas I can pour out the expressions of the couple, so they don’t know what to expect but are completely blown away by what they get. This works 100% all the time!  

Are there any current cake trends that you are seeing right now or any new directions you see couples going with their cake choices? 

Small contemporary cakes seem to be on trend right now.  

Livvy's Twist Wedding Cakes Wani Olatunde  

If you could only eat one flavour of wedding cake for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Livvy’s Twist marble cake because it’s the best thing since sliced bread (haha, who came up with this line)!  

What is the most unique cake you've ever designed?

Hmmmmm...the bicycle cake I made for a birthday last year. So random but cool.  

Livvy's Twist Wedding Cakes Wani Olatunde


Any interesting facts we should know that will make you even more fabulous? 🙂

Expanding Livvy’s Twist to be bigger and better (in the process).  

Where can brides enquire about booking your services?   

We can be reached via email at or through our website at

Follow Livvy's Twist on Instagram for all things pretty and yummy: @livvystwist

Wani's note: Don't fret if you aren't looking for a wedding cake anytime soon. Livvy's Twist make a whole range of yummy desserts too! My personal obsession are the brownies and blondies which get rushed like hot cakes (I guess they kinda are) at every single family gathering. So there's something for everyone. #yum  

Livvy's Twist Wedding Cakes Wani Olatunde

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