Garden route - Snake Sanctuary


Ok - still have some technical issues with my South India pics, so there's a lil delay with the meantime, I'm now digging into the archives to give fresh life to some pictures from my year in South Africa, hereby known as SA 🙂

The Garden Route in South Africa is one of the most beautiful stretches of road in the world - if you ever want to feel footloose and fancy-free, the Garden Route is the place to forget about all your troubles and just really appreciate all God's wonders that exist in nature......

I started off with the Snake Sanctuary cz although most ppl don't like these slithering creatures, I think they are incredibly beautiful animals and quite amazing to watch from the way they glide across a surface to the way they eat their here are a couple of my fav pics.

Nyt nyt...

Droppin In
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Black Beauty
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Just Chillin'
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The Hunt I
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The Hunt II
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  1. Nice work Wani. Interesting animals to photograph, your comments are almost all agreeable!! Even looking at snakes really gives me the eebie jeebies, you almost win me on this one 😉 Really like the 'Intent' one.xx

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