Bola & Femi's White Wedding

May 7, 2010

Hey guys

I'll make this one a quick one - a beautiful wedding with lots of fun. Enjoy šŸ™‚

 And just so you know I was having a fab time too šŸ™‚  

12 comments on “Bola & Femi's White Wedding”

  1. Wani as usual stunning, i think you have pushed yourself and captured some great moments, as usual your biggest fan is in awe!

  2. These are too lovely. You've helped me see my own wedding thru d eyes of ur camera. U are talented cuz! Wonderful! Thank you.

  3. Is it normal to spend hours staring at ur own pics wit tears and smiles at the same time? Cos dats wat wani's photography is doing to me right now! Wow!

  4. Wani girl u r amazing!!! cn i like book u in advance for my wedding? whenever that will be. wow!!!

  5. Beautiful like the experimentation! Also colours look stunning. Congrats! No need for a photographer for my wedding then, just a husband! Lol x x

  6. the photos are stunning wani! you have a great eye and looks like you are doing a great job with that camera!

    loving the new web page look too!


  7. Merci beaucoup Nana and especially thank you for saying I have a great eye cz a lot of time I get "wow, you must have an great camera". I'm like, "umm, yeah - sure!". So thank you šŸ™‚

    Oh and I'm glad you the blog - I have been immersing myself in html and CSS just trying to tailor it to suit my work as much as possible.

    Hope you are good and thanks again.


  8. Finally, I have also seen the pictures. Wow! is all I'm gonna say. I think I'll need to get you a planner for the next five years cos your calendar is about to get full! So what are the charges like? Cos we have a name to spread!

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