Bilbo the Bunny in Brighton || Pet Photography

Ok - first I'll confess that this shoot was completely unplanned. I was visiting my dear friends, Nisa & Andrew, at their fab new pad in Brighton and while Nisa was giving me a tour - I was introduced to the cutest little white and black bunny - who incidentally perfectly complemented the white and black decor in the living room.
Well, you know me - I just can't help myself - within a few minutes I was down on my belly on the carpet stalking the bunny. Needless to say, my friends thought I was completely bonkers but I'm really glad I did as I think these are some of my favourite pet portrait images to date. I think Bilbo may just have a future in modelling!
If you are an animal lover like me, then I'm sure your pet is a valued member of your household. My best friend growing up was Dino, my Doberman (does that make me weird?), who to be fair acted more like a poodle than a fierce guard dog but I loved him to pieces. He died a couple of years ago and it makes me sad to think I don't have any pictures of the little fella, who was a big part of my life growing up.
I like to think of pet portrait sessions with Wani Olatunde Photography as a 2-in-1 i.e. you get an image that captures what you love most about your pet i.e. their personality but you also get a beautiful fine art print or canvas for your wall. It really doesn't get any better than that. 🙂 If you are interested in a session with me, please contact me at or via the contact form on this blog.
For the photographers out there, all images were taken with my trusty Canon 350D and Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens. A tried and tested combo, which never fails me.
Here are some of my favourite images. Enjoy!

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Bilbo 24Jul2010 21 1
Bilbo 24Jul2010 21 2
Bilbo 24Jul2010 21 3
Bilbo 24Jul2010 21 4
Bilbo 24Jul2010 21 5
Bilbo 24Jul2010 21 6
Bilbo 24Jul2010 21 7
Bilbo 24Jul2010 21 8
Bilbo 24Jul2010 21 9
Bilbo 24Jul2010 21 10
Bilbo 24Jul2010 21 11
Bilbo 24Jul2010 21 12
Bilbo 24Jul2010 21 13
Bilbo 24Jul2010 21 14

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  1. Bilbo is famous!! Innocent smoothie ad's here we come!! Seriously wani, great pics. You make her look so angelic- and they say the camera never lies! Can't pick my favourite, they're all gorgeous x x x

  2. Wani your pictures of Bilbo are great! She wants to use you to develop her portfolio when you are over next!!!

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