Bhavin Shah & Kew Gardens

My friend Bob aka Bhavin has been the main reason I decided to commit to photography this year. He is uber talented and incredibly innovative and he always inspires me to want to push the envelope when it comes to creativity pre and post shooting. 

He is in the process of starting his own shop - Bhavin Shah Photography - and I am incredibly proud (& inspired) by the way his body of work has evolved over the last 12 to 18 months.
I was fortunate to have him shoot at my (sorry, our) wedding in September last year and you can see those pictures and his other body of work on facebook at!/pages/Bhavin-Shah-Photography/166217074564?ref=mf 
So Bob aka Bhavin is always dragging my butt out into the cold to go shooting and one such trip took us to Kew Gardens, which I admit was quite fun. It was back in Autumn 2008, so it was a visually stimulating's one of my fav pics from the trip. The rest as usual, can be found on flickr.

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