Top Tips For A Picture Perfect Wedding Day

Ooh so it's the night before your BIG DAY! Your wedding vendors have all been booked and confirmed, your wedding dress is hanging safely in its bag waiting to be unveiled and the wedding planner has everything else under control. So what else do you need to know?!?

As a Buckinghamshire wedding photographer, I like to prepare my clients as much as possible so they can make the most of their wedding day in terms of getting full coverage. Here are some of the tips I share with my brides and grooms to get them ready for their big day.

Bride Wedding Details Buckinghamshire Destination Wani Olatunde


Yes, I know you are nervous and excited and want to catch up with all your family and friends that have come into town. But you also want to look your absolute best for your big day. Who needs the stress of dark circles and tired eyes?!? Not you - that's for sure. So I totally give permission to your Chief Bridesmaid to lock you in your bedroom and TAKE AWAY YOUR PHONE if she has to, so you look and feel fabulously rested on your big day!

P.S: Same for the grooms too - there will be plenty time to drink on the wedding day, so don't go overboard with your crew. Hangovers are not a good look for a groom at the altar. #truetalk πŸ™‚

Bride Getting Ready Buckinghamshire Wani Olatunde


When getting ready, pick a room that has lots of natural light e.g. a big window or a balcony. Not only is it easier for the make-up artist to see what she's doing but this softer light makes for more beautiful images.

Nigerian Traditional Bride Buckinghamshire Wedding Wani Olatunde


First thing in the morning, lay out all the details (dress, veil, shoes, jewellery, perfume, bouquet etc.) you would like your wedding photographer to document. Ideally you want to get ready in a separate room from the bridesmaids so the room remains relatively tidy - this will make for prettier images. Same applies for the groom and his groomsmen.

Bridal Wedding Details Buckinghamshire Wani Olatunde


Don't forget to lay out any other additional details you would like photographed e.g. invitations, special family heirlooms etc.

Nigerian Wedding Details Buckinghamshire Wani Olatunde


Your bridal train should be ready at least 30 minutes before you are. This way they look great as they help you get into your dress and finalise your look. No one wants pictures of hairnets and tatty robes in their wedding album.  

Bride Getting Ready with bridesmaids Buckinghamshire Wani Olatunde
Groom Getting Ready with groomsmen Buckinghamshire Wani Olatunde


Include an additional 15 – 20 minutes during preparation to allow time for a mini bridal and groom portrait session at your respective locations ahead of the ceremony. It's always best to capture you at your most fabulous when you are feeling fresh and excited about the day ahead.

Beautiful Bride Buckinghamshire Wedding Wani Olatunde
Beautiful Bridesmaids Buckinghamshire Destination Wedding Wani Olatunde


I know the day can feel overwhelming but don't forget everyone is there to help you celebrate this amazing journey you are about to embark on. Just take a breath and don't forget to smile as you walk down the aisle.

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Taking time for creative portraits is key as this gives you a little time alone together to savour being newlyweds and get giddy with your bestie. You also get to create some beautiful unique images for your album.

Bride Groom Couple Wedding Portraits Buckinghamshire Wani Olatunde
Nigerian Bride Groom Couple Wedding Portraits Buckinghamshire Wani Olatunde


Relax and have fun - nothing matters more than celebrating this amazing union with your best friend surrounded by the people who love you the most. It is going to be a fantastic day!!!

Bride Groom Walk Down Outdoor Aisle Wani Olatunde
Bride Groom Couple Wedding Portraits Buckinghamshire Wani Olatunde

Looking for a wedding photographer for your Buckinghamshire wedding?I'd love to hear from you right hereΒ to see if we are a good fit. πŸ™‚

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