Ooh, Featured on the Tastemakers Blog


It is always so cool when someone thinks I'm interesting enough to be featured on their blog. Thanks so much to Tastemakers NG to inviting me to share my thoughts on finding balance as a small business owner and who my tastemakers of 2017 are.

A little excerpt on how I deal with competition:

"The longer I do this, the more I understand that competition is irrelevant when you understand your brand and who your clients are. I'm at a stage where I'm beginning to work with clients who love what I do and hire me because they want Wani and not just any photographer...WOP is a premium photography brand and I have worked hard to grow to a place where I no longer have to work with just anyone - instead I can focus on creating my best work for clients who are fans of what I do, trust my brand and give me space to create and do what I do best. And believe me that I am extremely grateful for every single one of these clients..."

Hop over to TastemakerNG to read the whole interview.


Wani Olatunde featured on Tastemakers NG

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