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So this weekend (Saturday and Sunday) is the inaugural Wed Expo event and I thought I would check it out cause as a wedding photographer, it's always a good idea to know who the other vendors in the market are so I can then help my clients with referrals to suit their specific needs. It was a pretty big event with lots of different vendors offering lots of interesting products and services. Here are a couple of my favourites (I've added their contact details below in case you like what you see).

Scented Memories: I thought this was a pretty novel idea. They customise perfumes for special occasions from the scent right down to the packaging. You give them your aso ebi or invitation and they do the rest. 

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Odus Marciello: They do cakes and desserts. Didn't have a lot on display at the time (due to the venue not providing electricity to their booth till much later) so didn't get a chance to taste any of the desserts but thought this particular cake was very pretty - especially like the swans at the base of the cake.  

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Couture Cards: They had a great selection of invitation cards, good quality and a variety of designs. Something to suit most tastes.   

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Soapalicious: In case the name doesn't give it away, they make soaps with a twist. They design the soaps in the form of different desserts, so they all have different scents. I particularly liked the chocolate cupcake, it smelt yummy. Great idea for favours.  

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Cakes by Andy Clark: Top cake and dessert makers. Just saw a small selection but they do very pretty couture cakes. 

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Bree's Aura: That's Bree on the left showing off one of her creations. She makes some really pretty fascinators and hats for different events.

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Eru Iyawo: They are all about the engagement - so can take care of pretty much everything including letters, gifts packaging, baskets and buying of engagement gift items. Thought their stall was quite pretty. I really like those raffia mats on the wall and they do photograph beautifully for traditional weddings.  

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Cakes by Tosan: Now most brides in the wedding planning stage will have come across Cakes by Tosan as they are one of the top cake designers in the country and now I can see why. I absolutely fell in love with these miniature cakes, which can also be made full size. Some really beautiful designs with a variety of colours and styles to suit any bride. Tasted pretty good too 🙂  
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Event Backups: There were a lot of wedding planners / event designers at the event but not everyone made the most of the opportunity to showcase their work, which is one of the reasons I liked this company. 

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Aquarian Touch Events: Another wedding planner / event designer who made the most of their stall space. The bling may not be to everyone's taste but I like the "go bling or go home" approach. 🙂 

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Newton & David: Now this is a company that needs no introduction. They are THE top floral decorators in the country and you'll find that most of the big (think big budget) weddings use them as they spare no expense to give you the wedding decor of your dreams. To see some more of their handiwork, check out Bella Adenuga's and Basketmouth's weddings, which I blogged previously, here and here.  
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Vendor Contact Details  
Scented Memories: 
contact no.: +234 816 993 8381 
Odus Marciello:
contact no.: +234 803 475 6834

Couture Cards: 
contact no.: +234 803 440 8578

contact no.: +234 806 745 9821

Cakes by Andy Clarke: 

contact no.: +234 807 560 1312 

Bree's Aura:

contact no.: +234 805 635 8855 

Eru Iyawo:

contact no.: +234 807 770 5929 

Cakes by Tosan:

contact no.: +234 805 087 4548  

Event Backups:

contact no.: +234 803 307 4975 

Aquarian Touch Events: 

contact no.: +234 805 031 1740 

Newton & David:

contact no.: +234 1 816 9972

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  1. *Sigh* Newton and Err Soapalicious soaps look too delicious to be soaps. They better have really large lables saying "SOAP" so people dont have other ideas.

    Great coverage Wans!

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