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Hola, it's Vendor Spotlight time again - the series I have been running for you fabulous brides trying to put together a top class LOCAL team to realise the wedding of your dreams. Today I am pleased to introduce you to one of my very favourite wedding videographers - Lanre Esho Films. I first met CEO, Creative Director and Lead Cinematographer Lanre at a wedding we worked together on last year and I was immediately impressed by his professionalism. In a world where photographers and videographers are constantly battling it out for top dog, it was such a pleasant surprise to work with someone who had both regard for his client and his fellow creatives. I'm a big fan of his work and love his simple yet finessed approach to  cinematography. His strong editing skills allow the viewer to get to the heart of each love story he and his team document.

So if you are looking for a talented videographer for your Nigerian wedding - look no further than Mr Lanre Esho. He's based in Lagos but available to travel wherever you need him to be.  Without further ado, here's Lanre of Lanre Esho Films (all images courtesy of Lanre unless indicated otherwise).

Morning Lanre, so how long have you been in the wedding business and why wedding videography?  

I've been in business 2 years and quite simply, I love telling love stories.

What would you say to the couple who were planning to have a friend video tape their wedding instead of going with a professional videographer?

I hope they don't regret it. My question is why spend so much on a wedding and leave out what will preserve the memories of such a memorable day? When the food is finished and the music has stopped, photos and video are the only things that keep the memory alive. I made the same mistake. I live with the memories of wishing I had a professional cover my wedding.

lagos wedding videographer lanre esho films photo

What sets you apart from other wedding videographers? 

What makes us different and unique is how we bring to life the wedding story in the best cinematic way.

What type of clients do you typically find yourself working with?  

Clients that appreciate what we do and are ready to give us room to deliver a good job!

What is your favorite part of the wedding day?

The first dance

Any interesting facts we should know that will make you even cooler? :-)

I play the saxophone!

(And of course I demanded a picture because that is pretty cool, so here you go. 🙂

lagos wedding videographer lanre esho films photo

Where can potential brides check out your work?

Find me at: Instagram @LanreEshoFilms


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Thanks for sharing Lanre. You can also reach Lanre via email on
Happy planning! 🙂


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