10 Easy & Stylish Poses for Your Bridal Party

We’ve all seen the classic posed bridal party photos, everyone standing straight, bridesmaids with their bouquets held neatly in front of them. These images look good and are a great way to show off the people you and your partner have chosen to stand beside you on your wedding day! But maybe you want some different poses for your bridal party, something to show off everyone’s style and personalities.

Bridal party photos don’t have to be predictable and dull, but you also don’t have to scour Pinterest for new ideas. There are fun, simple ways to allow every groomsman and bridesmaid to express themselves while still looking good so you end up with wedding pictures you’ll love and cherish for years to come!

Now this comes with a disclaimer - a professional wedding photographer should have this all under control. An experienced photographer takes into consideration a number of factors to decide which poses would work best including your personalities, outfits, size of the group and environment. So like I always say - just hire a photographer you can trust and you can leave all the hard work to them! You can just focus on having a great time and channelling your inner celebrity! #winning

Capture kiss reactions

This is one of my favourite poses and I use it every wedding! It's a great way to get the wedding party to relax. Basically you share a quick kiss with your other half while your bridesmaids and groomsmen cheer in the background. Their expressions will give you something to laugh at and enjoy when you look at the photos later!

bridal wedding party poses wani olatunde
bridal wedding party poses wani olatunde
bridal wedding party poses wani olatunde 0023

Form a V

Have your wedding party form an upside-down V while you and / or your partner stand in the middle.

This always reminds me of one of my favourite childhood movies - the Flying Ducks. (90s baby!) I personally use this mostly with the groom and groomsmen but there's no reason you can't use it with a bride & bridesmaid or the whole bridal party.

v pose groomsmen wedding wani olatunde

Form a W or an M

Clearly we like our letters - lol. This is similar to the V but a little more dynamic. It works well with a larger group.

Mix up expressions - go for the GQ look or have smiles all around. I like to have a little bit of everything so we cover all our bases. Stylish and fun - always!

black and white groom groomsmen pose wani olatunde

Walk with style

This is another great bridal party pose to loosen people up. It's very relaxed and you can just have fun with it. Works great for both the guys and the girls. With the ladies - you can hold hands to amp the #bridetribe vibe.

bridal wedding party poses wani olatunde 0003 fun bridal party poses wani olatunde

Show off in sunglasses

Another classic guy pose!

Want to amp up the #badboy vibes? Have everyone put on a pair of shades and channel their inner celebrity.

groom groomsmen in sunglasses posing wani olatunde

Boys will be boys

I believe weddings are all about documenting all the different relationships. It's not just about your love story but also the great relationship you have with your friends and loved ones too.

This isn't so much a pose - more an opportunity for some really great moments. It works well for a playful bridal party. I love this interaction because it really shows the camaraderie between the groom and the groomsmen. It always makes me smile!

bridal wedding party poses wani olatunde 0022 bridal wedding party poses wani olatunde 0020 bridal wedding party poses wani olatunde 0011

The classic straight line

It's popular because it works. The key to the straight line pose is not to have every standing shoulder to shoulder like footballers. Mix up directions and expressions and we are on to Vanity Fair type posing. Works well for both the guys and the ladies. This bridal party pose is especially pretty if you have a beautiful backdrop.

large bridal party pose wani olatunde happy bridesmaid pose wani olatunde cool black and white groomsmen pose wani olatunde yoruba wedding bridal party poses wani olatunde

Don't forget the morning bridal party shot

Always leave enough time in the morning to grab some robe shots with your ladies. This is probably a once in a lifetime shot and a good reminder of your favourite people who were there to support you through the whole day. Keep it casual or stay fierce - all depends on your personal style.

bridesmaids robes poses wani olatunde bridesmaids robes poses wani olatunde

Play with levels

The key to a fierce group shot is to have everyone look great individually and then bring it all together. Use stairs and sofas to mix things up. The options are endless on this one.

bride bridal party pose wani olatunde
yoruba bridal party pose wani olatunde

Pair up

This is a classic WOP pose! I always channel Annie Liebowitz Vanity Fair spread on this one! This is a fabulous pose which can be serious or playful depending on what you are aiming for.

Have each bridesmaid and groomsman pair up and capture a shot of everyone with their partners, including you with your spouse. If you have an uneven number, change pairs into groups of three.

classy bridal party pose wani olatunde

And that's it! Hope you've found this list of poses for the bridal party helpful. But like I said - if looking stylish and fierce is important to you, then hire a photographer who can do that for you. Your only focus should be on having fun with your bestie and loved ones.

I love working with modern romantics! If this sounds like you and you are getting married in 2021 or 2022, then get in touch for a complimentary consultation to see if we are a good match. You can also find me over on Instagram.

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