WOP Products - Fabulous Ways To Display Your Images (Part 1)

I am SUPER EXCITED to be able to share some of the products that I offer to both my wedding and portrait clients. It's important to me that I only offer high quality products that I would be happy to display in my home and so I have spent a lot of time researching and checking out different vendors. I finally settled on some fabulous vendors based in the UK and I couldn't be happier with the final products.

This post is wedding focused but I will be sharing a post about my portrait session products soon. So let's dive right in:


In my humble opinion, I think this is an absolute must have for a variety of reasons. Your wedding album captures the full story of your once in a lifetime event, elegantly and stylishly displaying the joy and happiness you as a newly wed couple feel throughout the entire day. You can re-experience the emotions of your wedding as you share the book with friends and family and you can look back on the album with your children and grandchildren for decades to come. It just makes sense, right? This album is from Yvonne & Felix's wedding - I can't wait to share these images on my blog. Be sure to subscribe to my mailing list here so you don't miss the post.

nigeria wedding portrait photographer

I love these albums, which are flush mounted and offer a seamless spread across the spine area, which means there are no ugly lines disrupting your beautiful images (yeah!).

nigeria wedding portrait photographer 2

nigeria wedding portrait photographer 4

Another great feature is that the albums come with a range of covers and colours, allowing you to create an album that is truly unique to you as a couple. Love it!!!

nigeria wedding portrait photographer 5


These mini albums are super cute and are an ideal keepsake product and stylish visual reminder of your beautiful wedding day. Press printed and with a traditional photographic cover, they are an exact replica of your main album and ideal for popping into your bag or briefcase and sharing with friends, family or even random strangers at the supermarket (trust me - you will love your images and want to share them with the world!).

nigeria wedding portrait photographer 6


This simple elegant album is an exact replica and downsized version of your main album. It's a great option for parents, grandparents, aunties etc. who want a timeless memento of the day for themselves but don't need a large album. You definitely can't go wrong with these.

nigeria wedding portrait photographer 8nigeria wedding portrait photographer 12


I think all my couples should have some form of keepsake from your special day for all the reasons mentioned above. So if you are on a smaller budget, then the hardback infinity coffee table book is a great option. This book is press printed and with the "infinity spine", it means that there is no horrible bend interrupting your image. You might recognise Ziteido & Wari from their fabulous Ijaw wedding post I shared a couple of weeks ago. Just beautiful 🙂

nigeria wedding portrait photographer 20nigeria wedding portrait photographer 19

Couples always ask about the difference between the coffee table book and album and so I have included a few pictures to illustrate the difference in size and materials used. Both have the same no. of pages but as mentioned above the luxury album is flush mounted while the coffee table is press printed. Both fabulous depending on what you are looking for.

nigeria wedding portrait photographer 27


Forget about a plain coloured DVD case from the supermarket, I offer these fabulous DVD folios, which are a fantastically stylish way to present your wedding slideshow. They come in a range of colours and styles, so you can customise them to match your album or even the colours of your wedding day. Love these!

nigeria wedding portrait photographer 16nigeria wedding portrait photographer 22

So hope the above gives you a good idea of some of the products I offer. If you like these, then please be sure to share with your friends using one of the links below. If you are getting married soon or know someone who is, then be sure to contact me at wani@waniolatunde.com or using the contact form in the menu above. I'd love to have a chat about the vision of your big day and how I can help contribute towards  realising that vision.

Enjoy the rest of your week.


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