Wedding Slideshows and Why I Love Them

Now you know I'm all about the emotional highlights of the wedding day and that is why I so love the slideshows I create for my clients. They are like 10 minute mini movies that tell the story of the day before you delve into your hundreds of photographs. The first slideshow I ever created was for this beautiful couple and left the bride (and almost the groom - sshh!) in tears because she said it was like reliving her day all over again. For this gorgeous destination wedding, the groom loved his mini movie so much, he carried it around with him on his iPad and showed it to everyone. I spend a lot of time picking the right pictures to tell the story and the right music to suit the couple and their day, so it's extremely satisfying when my clients love 'em. Anyway, remember last year's gorgeous wedding at Landmark Events Centre, well this beautiful bride has very graciously agreed to let me share her wedding slideshow with you and here's what she had to say about it:

"Oh my word!!!! I love it Wani!!!! Love the slideshow…the soundtrack…the whole works...[it] really does capture the essence of the day.

Thank youuuu!!!"

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p.s: may want to let it buffer first if you don't have a decent internet connection. 🙂

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  1. Of the whole wedding photography process, making slideshows has to be my best part! Absolutely love it! I actually have a whole playlist that I use for wedding slideshows

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