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Given my hiatus in 2011, I have a backlog of images shot in late 2010 that I’ve been wanting to share. I was a little hesitant given the amount of time that has passed and especially given that this particular wedding was a celebrity wedding with widespread coverage. However, my philosophy is that beautiful images can stand the test of time, which is what I aim for when creating wedding albums, and I hope you will agree too. 

So, here we go...I always jump at the chance to shoot with rockstar photographer, Jide Alakija, for a number of obvious reasons but mainly because he is a generous mentor who is always more than willing to help up and coming photographers such as myself improve their craft. So when Jide asked if I wanted to shoot Bright & Elsie's wedding with himself and Tunde Owolabi, it was a no-brainer. Although, it wasn't until I saw Bright that I realised he was the one and only Basketmouth.
For my non-Nigerian audience, I should mention that Bright aka Basketmouth is the top comedian in Nigeria – he has been in the biz (as "they" say) for a long time now and is pretty freaking hilarious. You can find Jide’s original blog post of the wedding here
It was a beautiful wedding and I confess now, my camera was drawn to Elsie as she was an absolute dream to shoot - it's like she couldn't take a bad picture. Here are a few (ok, a lot) of my favourite images from the day. Would really love to hear what you guys think - so please feel free to comment below. 
Have a fab week.
Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 024
Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 023

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 025

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 026

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 027

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 028

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 029

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 030
Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 034

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 031 

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 035

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 036

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 037
Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 032
Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 033

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 038

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 039

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 040

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 041

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 042

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 043

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 044

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 046

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 047

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 050

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 053

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 054

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 055

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 058

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 059

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 060
Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 062

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 061

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 064

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 065

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 066

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 067

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 068

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 069

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 071

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 072

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 073

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 077

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 078

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 079

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 082
Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 084

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 083
Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 075
Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 076

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 085

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 087

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 088

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 089

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 090

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 091

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 092

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 093

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 094

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 095

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 096

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 097

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 098

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 099

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 100

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 101

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 102

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 103

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 104

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 107

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 109

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 110

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 112

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 113

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 114

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 115

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 116

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 117

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 118

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 119

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 120

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 121

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 122

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 123

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 124

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 126
Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 125

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 127

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 129

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 134

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 135

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 136

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 138

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 139

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 140

Nigeria+Wedding+Photographer 141

4 comments on “Nigeria Wedding Photographer || Bright & Elsie White Wedding”

  1. Wani, I just looked at those beautiful pictures I just wonder,that wedding must have cost a fortune. The decoration colour is fascinating,simply marvelous,Your Camera lens must be smiling to behold such pretty spectacles Wani Keep it up Tunji

  2. These Pictures are AMAZING!!! Oh My! BasketMouth's wedding looks beautiful!!!!

    His bride is just fabulous looking! How can a person look so flawless at every angle. Lol... I love this! She's gorgeous!!

    You photography skill - LOVE!

    P.S: Did you know that your blog makes people type the captcha words every time they comment? Lol.. I hate those captchas and I have hard time figuring out the words, so if you can please take it off, it'll make commenting easier. If you check under "comment settings" on your blogger dashboard, you'll see how to take it off. 🙂

    1. Thanks Lizzy. It was a beautiful wedding and the camera does definitely love Elsie - a truly beautiful bride. I loved shooting the wedding.

      Aah - thanks for the tip. Captcha is totally annoying and half the time, I can't make out the words either. Turned it off now.

      Have a fab week 🙂

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