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Hey guys - just wanted to give you a quick update on the Makoko project. So first of all, a very big thank you to everyone who has supported this project by buying a copy of "Journey Through Makoko". A special thank you to Dr Olatunde and Funmi Odumosu of Deux Project Limited, who have supported this project from the very beginning and have been invaluable at every stage of the process. I am delighted to say we have raised just over N200,000 (just over US$1,500), which is simply amazing and far beyond my expectations - so I really just want to thank you all on behalf of the Makoko kids.  

After consulting with the powers that be at Makoko, we have decided to hold a Christmas party for the Makoko kids. There are just under 230 children ranging from ages 3/4 - 12 and we will be providing food, drinks, party packs and of course a big 'ol cake for the kids.  

Funmi kindly took us into Lagos market this Saturday to go shopping for the bits and pieces for the party packs and we bought a whole range of items for the kids, which I am sure they are going to love. I've included some pictures of what we got but basically we tried to cover all our bases with items for school, food / drink / sweets and of course something noisy that they'll have fun playing with. 

That was the easy part - now we have to put together 250 packs - eek! I am very lucky to have my cousin Z in town this weekend and she has been a godsend with coming up with ideas of  what to put in the packs as well as helping me put the packs together. We are halfway there - so another couple of hours and we'll be good to go. 

I know a couple of people have mentioned an interest in visiting Makoko when next I head out there, so just to let you know the party will be held on Saturday, 18th December. If you are interested in helping out on the day to help distribute food / party packs etc. - then please let me know asap. 

Ok - that's it from me. Have a fab week. 


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Hannah Montana, High School Musical and Ben 10 Party Packs - Popular On Any Continent

Nigeria Travel Photographer Makoko 1
Nigeria Travel Photographer Makoko 2
Getting Ready For School - Exercise Books, Sharpeners, Erasers and Pencils 
Nigeria Travel Photographer Makoko 4
Nigeria Travel Photographer Makoko 6
Nigeria Travel Photographer Makoko 8
Nigeria Travel Photographer Makoko 9
YumYum - Juice, Milk, Biscuits & Sweets
Nigeria Travel Photographer Makoko 10
2 in 1 - Toys & Sweeties
Nigeria Travel Photographer Makoko 12
Nigeria Travel Photographer Makoko 13
Nigeria Travel Photographer Makoko 14

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