Wedding Albums

Your Wedding Album
Your wedding album is your first family heirloom and something that will be treasured and handed down from generation to generation, which is why I include an album in all WOP collections. Not only is it a reminder of the vows you took and the love you celebrated – it’s a document of your nearest and dearest who were right there with you to celebrate the beginning of this new chapter in your love story. Each time you sit down and open it, it will re-awaken those feelings and re-connect you to how amazing you felt on your wedding day. Without it, a lot of these memories will simply fade over time. It’s the wedding album that truly tells the story of your wedding day, from how beautiful you felt when you saw yourself all done up for the first time to the butterflies you felt when you saw your husband-to-be waiting to claim you as his wife to all the little details you spent so much time agonising over as well as all the laughter, excitement and overwhelming joy in between.

I offer albums made by one of the top album companies in the UK to ensure my clients receive top quality products and I would love to meet up to show beautiful sample albums, so you can touch and feel and fall in love with them in person.

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Luxury Flush Mount Albums

These 12×8″ flushmount albums are my absolute favourite. They are simply the most gorgeous ways to display your images and come in a variety of colours and covers, so can be customised to reflect you and your day perfectly. The pages are heavy and resistant to tearing and they offer a seamless spread across the spine area, which means there are no ugly lines disrupting your beautiful images (yay!). Seriously love it!!!

Coffee Table Books

For budget conscious couples, this 12×9″ hardback infinity coffee table book is a great option. This book is press printed and the pages are more magazine style but  with the “infinity spine”, it means that there is no horrible bend interrupting your image.

Couples always ask about the difference between the coffee table book and flushmount album and so I have included a few pictures below to illustrate the difference in size and materials used. Both have the same no. of pages but the luxury album pages are much thicker as mounted on card stock, which makes the album a lot more durable as compared to the coffee table book.

Additional Products

I offer a whole range of additional products including parent albums, which are a downsized version of the flushmount album. A great option for parents, grandparents, aunties etc. who want a timeless memento of the day for themselves but don’t need a large album. The mini albums are super cute and ideal for popping into your bag or briefcase and sharing with friends, family or even random strangers at the supermarket. 🙂


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